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All jewelry from Kila Jewels is 100% nickel free, we only sell jewelry made of real metals, such as Sterling silver which is always stamped "925" which means that the jewelry contains 92.5% silver and the rest 7.5% is copper, the reason that you get copper in is for the jewelry to wear more strongly. Gold 14 carat is stamped "585" and 18 kt. "750". We are regularly checked by the Precious-Metal Control who assure you and us that the item you buy is 100% genuine.

The right of complaint

A 2-year right of complaint is given from the date of purchase. In the event of a complaint, it is usually exchanged for a new piece of jewelery, otherwise it is sent for repair. For special repairs, extra delivery time may occur.
This warranty applies only to manufacturing defects or defects. This does not apply if the jewelery has broken due to wear, shock, default, etc.
There is no guarantee of gilding / gold plating.

We recommend

Take good care of your jewelery, therefore do not bathe and sleep with your jewelery on, avoid all contact with perfume, cream etc. on the jewelery.

Be aware that some gemstones do not tolerate water and can be damaged or discolored, such as amber, pearls, corals and opals.

Keep your jewelry neat by storing them individually in small zipper bags and close them completely tightly so that air cannot enter and oxidize the jewelry.

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