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Personal data policy

GDPR - Personal Data Regulation.


According to our data protection policy, your information will only be stored in a way that, according to the request, is relevant to meet your needs. In addition, data is only passed on in connection with necessary information, such as to freight companies. All personal data is stored in connection with purchases and sales, marketing and statistics.

The personal data that is registered is:

Name, contact information, purchase history, statistics, account information,

These are kept confidential internally in the company. The information is retained only as long as it is relevant to the company and at least in accordance with the Accounting Act. Personal data can be deleted as desired in accordance with current rules in the Accounting Act. Please contact the company's bookkeeping / administration if this should be relevant.

No personal data will be used for profiling.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Registration of information


We point out that Kila Jewels cph follows the applicable legislation for the processing of company and personal information at all times, which is why all information is treated confidentially. It will at all times be possible to personally be informed of any registered information and to have it deleted, if this is desired. According to the Data Protection Act, no personally sensitive data is registered. All e-mail correspondence takes place via Thunderbird and is thus hosted externally. E-mail addresses in connection with newsletters are passed on to 3rd parties ( Agreements on personal data regulation with 3rd party companies have been entered into.

No data is transferred to third countries (outside the EU / EEA) unless there is an agreement between the company and the person concerned, for example in connection with direct shipments.

Read more about your rights here

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